The new beginning, 3x server free to play!

Enjoy the new PvP and PvE content in Project Essence!
Assault new raid zones and make your character the strongest one!

  • Comfortable Leveling
  • Class Self Sufficiency
  • Intense PVP for Hunting
  • New Unique Classes

The New Beginning

Project Essence aims to be the best essence server that you can play without wipe or any problems. We reworked some of the essence features to provide you a free to play friendly server.

Wind Wild West Update Watch our new promo video made specially for you!

    Sylph, The God of Wind

    The new class Sylph is available in Project Essence World. Sylphs use firearms and the power of Elemental Spirit. Sylphs have new mechanics never seen in Lineage before. Their skills work differently depending on the distance to the target. Does it sound exciting? Join Project Essence and give this new Sylph Class a try!

    Orc Fortress

    The Orc Fortress is situated at the border of Oren. Any character can daily participate and earn rewards for boost your experience. Clans Lv. 5 and higher can display the Combat Flag and capture the Fortress. The Clan Fortress owner is awarded with adena and a special buff that will give you experience bonus.

    Hellbound zone

    This zone will be accessible for players greater than Lv. 85 on Saturday from 10am to 10pm Server Time. To enter Hellbound, players will need to use the Portals located in Ivory Tower. Get ready for the amazing PvP battles in order to hold the new Hellbound zone and slain the new Bosses and Monsters!

    Dragon Valley Reworked

    Dragon Valley farm zone will be reworked in the near future. The west side of Dragon Valley will be a really good farming place where characters will be able to find Monsters Lv. 80. The stats and the loot of the monsters will be changed, no longer having Bow Resistance.

    Fluffy Reinforcements Pets

    Pets are animals that help the character during the fight. There are 6 unique pets: Wolf, Buffalo, Tiger, Kookaburra, Dragon and Hawk; each of them having different skills and stats. Pets can level up together with the character, evolving and becoming stronger with every gained level.

    Why play on project essence?

    Project Essence reworked essence features to improve players gameplay. We are excited to find out what you think about our essence free to play friendly server!

    Smart and
    faster hunting

    Auto farm is available in Project Essence. This will help players with less free time to not fall down in the game. This feature combined together with the self-buffs will give players the possibility to keep progressing during your daily normal routine.

    Free to play

    We reworked essence shop to make it "free to play" friendly. L-coins will be easily farmable and they will help you progress a bit faster. We run new events every week to speed up the farm for whole community.

    Attack & Defend
    On Castle Sieges

    Giran and Goddard Castles are the ones that will be available in Project Essence world. Mercenaries are enabled in our server, everyone will be able to participate and contest the Castles!

    Insane Raid
    Boss Fights

    In Project Essence you will be able to fight Elite Raid Bosses solo as well as World Bosses with your friends. Also, we would like to encourage PvP for these rewarding monsters, thats why we added flag zone around Bosses!

    Make your donation

    All donations are final and not refundable! You are not buying any product, all the benefits received in the game are a way of thanking you for your voluntary donation.

    Project Essence Streamers

    Take a look at all our Streamer Partners that are broadcasting our server so that you have a little fun guaranteed.

    Community Videos

    Take some time to watch the amazing videos produced by our player community. Please, contact our team if you would like your video to be shown here as well.